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A Developer Guide to Elastos

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This is material for any developer who has some experience with programming languages like Javascript/NodeJS, HTML5, Java, Swift, C++, Golang, etc and wants to get started with various github projects that are open sourced by Elastos. This includes the core development of the product such as the Elastos Runtime environment, Elastos Blockchain, creating and integrating ELA into wallets, or creating applications using the SDK if you're a DApp developer. In order to make it very easy for any developer(even to someone who's not very familiar with blockchain), Elastos provides the SDK in various languages that makes it easy to start developing a decentralized application integrated with blockchain technology without having to fully learn about how blockchain works underneath.

A Developer Beginner's Guide to Elastos




Elastos RT Running on iOS - Mar 19, 2018


DittoBox Demo Application on iOS

DittoBox Demo Application on Android


Android Chat App using Elastos Carrier


Nodejs Chat App Demo using Elastos Carrier

Nodejs Chat App Demo using Elastos Carrier showing interoperability between two chat apps

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