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@@ -28,11 +28,25 @@ Why another MPD client?
I used [ncmpcpp]( for quite some time and realised that I was always doing the same thing with it: search for music -> add to playlist and play.
I was not entirely satisfied with the search in ncmpcpp so I decided to make my own.
Also, ncmpcpp as way too many features that I don't use.
The aim is to keep the number of features to a minimum without being unusable.
I also wanted to develop a real world haskell project and this seemed like a good opportunity.
- [] Add config file (mainly to be able to choose a different server than `localhost:6600` for MPD)
- [] Add MPD error handling and show error in a notification widget
- [] Add MPD playback modes handling
- UI
- [] Improve help screen
- [] Add top / bottom list keybindings (`G` and `g`)
- [] Add delete from playlist keybinding (`d` or `x`?)
- [] Fix all the bugs and refactor!
@@ -1,9 +1,6 @@
** Refactor library and make a LibraryState ADT
** Add CI
* Before releasing
** Clean code
** Refactor Views / Widgets -> define responsibilities (events, drawing...)
** Finish README

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