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ofxKUI is an openFrameworks addon for controlling your app with your keyboard.
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ofxKUI helps you to control your openFrameworks app with your keyboard. The idea is that you can control your app without using the mouse and ideally without moving your fingers away from the home row. It is composed of different modes that you can activate by pressing keys. The interface is inspired by Vim.


ofxKUI is composed of different modes that let you achieve different kinds of interactions with your app. The different modes are explained below. The character between [] represents the key you need to press to activate the mode when in normal mode. Special keys are represented between diples like this: <Esc> represents the Escape key. You can press ? at every time to display a help screen with the different keys you can use.

normal mode [<Esc>]

In this mode you can access all the other modes. It is a kind of a 'base mode'.

camera mode [c]

This mode lets you control a camera with your keyboard, provided that you set a camera using the setCamera method. When in camera mode, you can use keys to move or rotate the camera. See the example-camera example for a demonstration and more information.

interactive mode [i]

This mode lets you change GUI parameters interactively. Select the next parameter with k, the previous parameter with l and change the values with j and ;.

command mode [d]

-- TODO -- This mode lets you enter commands. It is essentially used to set parameter values.

Custom mode -- TODO -- Allow users to add their own modes.


You can configure a lot of this addon's parameters, like the colors of the GUI for instance. You can get a pointer to the config object like this:

ofxKUI kui;
auto config = kui.getConfig();

Adjustment configuration There are two adjustment modes: coarse and fine. Depending on which mode you are in, the adjustment values will be different.

These are the default values for the different modes and parameters:

Mode Adjustment Value
Parameter (float, int) COARSE 10%
fine 1%
Camera position COARSE 20
fine 4
Camera angle COARSE

You can use the config to set the adjustment values. For example you can set the coarse adjustment value for changing the camera angle to 10 like this:


Theme There are two built-in themes available for the GUI, a dark theme (the default theme) and a light one. To use the light theme you can do this:


Remember that you need to call this before setting up the GUI (see example-config).


MIT License. See for a copy of the MIT license.


Just drop the folder into the openFrameworks/addons/ folder.


No dependencies other than the ofxGUI core addon.


The command bar should normally be at the bottom of your window. If it's not, check that your window height is inferior to your screen height because sometimes the bottom of your window can be hidden by your taskbar.

<Esc> for quiting the app is disabled since it is used to escape command mode.


Works with oF 0.9.0. Tested with Linux.

Known issues

Rotating the camera resets the camera lookAt point to (0, 0, 0).

The Hack font needs to be included in the app bin/data directory. See the examples.


Feel like contributing? You're most welcome!

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