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ledger stats is a simple browser-based frontend for ledger, a double-entry accounting system with a command-line reporting interface.


A live demonstration of ledger stats is available at http://matthewturland.com/ledger-stats. It uses stan.txt from Ledger-Tools-Demo by peterkeen as its data source at the suggestion of @SamStuck and @zrail.


  • A web server with PHP 5.3.0+ installed
  • ledger 3.0.0 (may work with older versions)


Simply place the ledger-stats directory in a publicly accessible location within your web server's document root and access the index.php file it contains.


Configuration settings are stored in config.php in the same directory as index.php. config.sample.php contains a sample set of configuration settings that can be modified to suit your preferences. Each setting is documented to indicate the purpose of its value. In particular, the file setting must be set to the paths of one or more data files in the standard ledger or ledger XML formats that ledger stats will query.


Optionally enter in a beginning or ending date or amount, one or more accounts to include or exclude, or an optional depth limit. Account names must be comma-separated. If no accounts are specified, all accounts are included by default. To exclude an account, prefix an account name with a hyphen (-). Begin typing a portion of an account name to have it autocomplete. When you've entered all desired criteria, submit the form to see visualizations of the data provided by plugins.


ledger stats provides the ability to filter transactions by account, date, and amount. It then passes the filtered transactions to plugins, files in the plugins directory that return a closure to execute. These closures are executed in line to display whatever output they will. They have access to the jQuery and Highcharts libraries. See the bundled files in the plugins directory for examples.


The following dependencies are bundled with ledger stats:

Note that Highcharts is not free for commercial use. For more information, refer to its licensing terms.