Serves embedded files from `jteeuwen/go-bindata` with `net/http`
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Serve embedded files from jteeuwen/go-bindata with net/http.



Install with

$ go get
$ go get

Creating embedded data

Usage is identical to jteeuwen/go-bindata usage, instead of running go-bindata run go-bindata-assetfs.

The tool will create a bindata_assetfs.go file, which contains the embedded data.

A typical use case is

$ go-bindata-assetfs data/...

Using assetFS in your code

The generated file provides an assetFS() function that returns a http.Filesystem wrapping the embedded files. What you usually want to do is:

http.Handle("/", http.FileServer(assetFS()))

This would run an HTTP server serving the embedded files.

Without running binary tool

You can always just run the go-bindata tool, and then


 import ""
    &assetfs.AssetFS{Asset: Asset, AssetDir: AssetDir, AssetInfo: AssetInfo, Prefix: "data"}))

to serve files embedded from the data directory.