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package goproxy
import "net/http"
// ReqHandler will "tamper" with the request coming to the proxy server
// If Handle returns req,nil the proxy will send the returned request
// to the destination server. If it returns nil,resp the proxy will
// skip sending any requests, and will simply return the response `resp`
// to the client.
type ReqHandler interface {
Handle(req *http.Request, ctx *ProxyCtx) (*http.Request,*http.Response)
// A wrapper that would convert a function to a ReqHandler interface type
type FuncReqHandler func(req *http.Request, ctx *ProxyCtx) (*http.Request,*http.Response)
// FuncReqHandler.Handle(req,ctx) <=> FuncReqHandler(req,ctx)
func (f FuncReqHandler) Handle(req *http.Request, ctx *ProxyCtx) (*http.Request,*http.Response) {
return f(req,ctx)
// after the proxy have sent the request to the destination server, it will
// "filter" the response through the RespHandlers it has.
// The proxy server will send to the client the response returned by the RespHandler.
type RespHandler interface {
Handle(resp *http.Response, ctx *ProxyCtx) *http.Response
// A wrapper that would convert a function to a RespHandler interface type
type FuncRespHandler func(resp *http.Response, ctx *ProxyCtx) *http.Response
// FuncRespHandler.Handle(req,ctx) <=> FuncRespHandler(req,ctx)
func (f FuncRespHandler) Handle(resp *http.Response, ctx *ProxyCtx) *http.Response {
return f(resp, ctx)
// When a client send a CONNECT request to a host, the request is filtered through
// all the HttpsHandlers the proxy has, and if one returns true, the connection is
// sniffed using Man in the Middle attack.
// That is, the proxy will create a TLS connection with the client, another TLS
// connection with the destination the client wished to connect to, and would
// send back and forth all messages from the server to the client and vice versa.
// The request and responses sent in this Man In the Middle channel are filtered
// through th eusual flow (request and response filtered through the ReqHanlders
// and RespHandlers)
type HttpsHandler interface {
HandleConnect(host string, ctx *ProxyCtx) *ConnectAction
// A wrapper that would convert a function to a HttpsHandler interface type
type FuncHttpsHandler func(host string, ctx *ProxyCtx) *ConnectAction
// FuncHttpsHandler should implement the RespHandler interface
func (f FuncHttpsHandler) HandleConnect(host string, ctx *ProxyCtx) *ConnectAction {
return f(host, ctx)
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