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Bartosz Milewski great book on Category Theory implemented in scala, with Property Tests.

I will be posing my own take on category theory as I read through the book, think of it as a sort of a summary of the book, with code explanations.

Table of Contents

You can check the Table of Contents in my blog: Scala Category Theory - Table of Contents

Other resources

There are a great amount of resources on the Bartosz series, here are a few:

Why another repository about Bartosz's Category Theory Book?

I just wanted to learn more about Category Theory, so I decided to start reading the book and doing all the proposed exercises. But in addition of just writing scala code, I've implemented Property tests using ScalaTest support for ScalaCheck.

A warm invitation to contribute, to be adapted and included in your project's README

How to contribute

Imposter syndrome disclaimer: I want your help. No really, I do.

There might be a little voice inside that tells you you're not ready; that you need to do one more tutorial, or learn another framework, or write a few more blog posts before you can help me with this project.

I assure you, that's not the case.

This project has some clear Contribution Guidelines and expectations that you can read here (link).

The contribution guidelines outline the process that you'll need to follow to get a patch merged. By making expectations and process explicit, I hope it will make it easier for you to contribute.

And you don't just have to write code. You can help out by writing documentation, tests, or even by giving feedback about this work. (And yes, that includes giving feedback about the contribution guidelines.)

Thank you for contributing!