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Experiments with constexpr
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Experiments with constexpr

Everything (with the exception of noted functions) is written in C++11 constexpr style for maximum compatibility.

All functions are within the cx namespace.

This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

Math functions

  • abs, fabs
  • sqrt, cbrt, hypot
  • exp, log, log10, log2
  • sin, cos, tan
  • asin, acos, atan, atan2
  • floor, ceil, trunc, round (long double variants require C++14)
  • fmod, remainder (long double variants require C++14)
  • fmin, fmax, fdim
  • sinh, cosh, tanh
  • asinh, acosh, atanh
  • pow
  • erf

String hashing

  • fnv1, fnv1a
  • murmur3_32
  • md5
  • sha256

Utility functions

  • strlen
  • strcmp
  • endianswap
  • counter: returns monotonically increasing integers with each call (within a given translation unit)

Random number generation

  • cx_pcg32: a macro that returns a different random uint32_t with each call
  • cx_guidgen: a macro that generates a different random GUID with each call

String encryption

String encryption uses std::make_index_sequence therefore requires C++14.

  • cx_make_encrypted_string: a macro that encrypts a string literal, with a runtime conversion to plaintext std::string


Arrays use std::make_index_sequence therefore require C++14.

  • array<type, size>: a constexpr-friendly array type
  • make_array: create an array from e.g. a string literal
  • transform: like std::transform but works on constexpr arrays
  • reverse
  • sort: an implementation of mergesort (stable)
  • partition: a stable partition (but use count_if to obtain the partition point)

Algorithms (including Numeric Algorithms)

  • accumulate: like std::accumulate but works on constexpr arrays


  • all_of, any_of, none_of
  • count, count_if
  • find, find_if, find_if_not`
  • equal, mismatch
  • find_first_of
  • adjacent_find
  • search, search_n
  • inner_product
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