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Dash Ninja Control Scripts (dashninja-ctl)

By Alexandre (aka elbereth) Devilliers

Check the running live website at

This is part of what makes the Dash Ninja monitoring application. It contains:

  • dash-node.php : is a php implementation of Dash protocol to retrieve subver during port checking
  • dashblocknotify : is the blocknotify script (for stats)
  • dashblockretrieve : is a script used to retrieve block information when blocknotify script did not work (for stats)
  • dashupdate : is an auto-update dashd script (uses git)
  • dmnbalance : is the balance check script (for stats)
  • dmnblockcomputeexpected : is a script used to compute and store the expected fields in cmd_info_blocks table
  • dmnblockdegapper : is a script that detects if blocks are missing in cmd_info_blocks table and retrieve them if needed
  • dmnblockparser : is the block parser script (for stats)
  • dmnctl : is the control script (start, stop and status of nodes)
  • dmnctlrpc : is the RPC call sub-script for the control script
  • dmnctlstartstopdaemon : is the start/stop daemon sub-script for the control script
  • dmncron : is the cron script
  • dmnportcheck : is the port check script (for stats)
  • dmnportcheckdo : is the actual port check sub-script for the port check script
  • dmnreset : is the reset .dat files script
  • dmnthirdpartiesfetch : is the script that fetches third party data from the web (for stats)
  • dmnvotesrrd and dmnvotesrrdexport: are obsolete v11 votes storage and exported (for graphs)


Important: Almost all the scripts uses the private rest API to retrieve and submit data to the database (only dmnblockcomputeexpected uses direct MySQL access).


  • Go to /opt
  • Get latest code from github:
git clone
  • Get sub-modules:
cd dashninja-ctl
git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Configure the tool.


  • Copy to and setup your installation.
  • Add dmncron to your crontab (every minute is what official Dash Ninja uses)
*/1 * * * * /opt/dashninja-ctl/dmncron

If you want to enable logging, you need to create the /var/log/dmn/ folder and give the user write access. Then add "log" as first argument when calling dmncron:

*/1 * * * * /opt/dashninja-ctl/dmncron log
  • Add dmnthirdpartiesfetch to your crontab (every minute is fine, can be longer)
*/1 * * * * /opt/dashninja-ctl/dmnthirdpartiesfetch >> /dev/null


  • You need /dev/shm available and writable.
  • Edit to indicates each of your nodes you wish to retrieve block info from.
  • You can either retrieve block templates (bt = true) and/or block/transaction (blocks = true). For the later you need to have txindex=1 in your dash config file.
  • Add in each of your nodes in dash.conf a line to enable blocknotify feature:
  • Restart your node.
  • On each block received by the node, the script will be called and data will be created in /dev/shm.


Dash Ninja Control Scripts







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