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Dash Ninja Front-End (dashninja-fe)

By Alexandre (aka elbereth) Devilliers

Check the running live website at []

This is part of what makes the Dash Ninja monitoring application. It contains:

  • Public REST API (using PHP and Phalcon framework)
  • Public web pages (using static HTML5/CSS/Javascript)

Feel free to donate to : XkfkHqMnhvQovo7kXQjvnNiFnQhRNZYCsz

Special thanks to : Jetbrains


For the REST API:

  • PHP v5.6 with mysqli (works/tested with PHP 7.1)
  • Phalcon v2.0.x (should work with any version) up to v3.2.x
  • MySQL database with Dash Ninja Database (check dashninja-db repository)


  • Dash Ninja Control script installed and running (to have a populated database)


  • Go to the root of your website for Dash monitoring (ex: cd /home/dashninja2/www/)
  • Get latest code from github:
git clone
  • Configure php to answer only to calls to api/index.php rewriting to end-point api/

  • Add api/cron.php script to your crontab, activate for main and/or test net, both for blocks24h and for masternode full list


  • Todo...
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