Parse, filter and change (by regex) an EPG xml file
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XMLTV grabber for xml EPG file


Parse, filter and change (by regex) an EPG xml file. For more info and use: tv_grab_xml -h

CLI example

  • First start, configure the grabber
    tv_grab_xml --configure --xml-source --config-file config.json
  • Execute the grabber, specifying xmltv source and config file
    tv_grab_xml --xml-source /path/to/epg.xml --config-file config.json
  • Execute the grabber with default config file

Script flow

XMLTV (EPG xml) => tv_grab_xml (link by channels keys in CONFIG_FILE) => apply filter and changes rules => OUTPUT (stdout or file)

CONFIG_FILE json example

"Rete 4":{
  • Rete 4: key must match with channel/id in XML_SOURCE
  • hidden: display channel
  • replace: list of tag (element) text/attributes to replace
  • {"xpath":".", "attrib":"id", "with":"Rete4"}: replace channel/id with 'Rete4' to allow bind on TvHeadend
  • {"xpath":"./icon[@src]","attrib":"src","with":""}: replace channel icon src