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About this project

SpaceJobs is a small group of people who are passionate about space and believe in the frontier of exploration. We believe in it so firmly, that the site will always remain free to use and generates no revenue from visits (no ad-revenue, no kick-backs on hires, nothing).

Our goal is to get anyone with an interest in Space a job in the industry. For us, this stretches beyond the engineers and scientists, as we wanted to connect media creators, administrative support, and business professionals, to one of the many space agencies in America. To do this, we gathered as much of the useful Internet that we could, and present it on

We're always interested in having anyone come on board our team and further our goal.


Version 1 of was created by Jake Bowels (, who decided to pursue other areas of expertise and closed down the original SpaceJobs.US. Our community stepped in upon his departure to rebuild the site and will maintain and grow it going forward.