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Project for Second Term of AP Computer Science, Spring 2015 - Ethan Cheng and Joseph Han
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This Processing application is supposed to use a webcam and detect a maze. The program is then supposed to solve the maze and display the solution on top of the webcam image.


  • Ethan

    • A-Star Maze Solver
    • Maze Detection
    • Maze Solving
    • Solution Drawing
  • Joseph

    • Color setter
    • Created sample mazes and tested code

Directory Breakdown

  • CAMazed/
    • .pde files:
      • CAMazed.pde
      • EdgeDetector.pde
      • Node.pde
      • MazeHeap.pde
      • MazeSolver.pde
    • .png files:
      • simple.png
      • simple2.png
      • simple3.png
      • simple4.png
      • simple5.png
      • maze.png
      • Solutions generated by our program for all of these mazes.
      • ** NOTE ** That all the images that begin with 'simple' are basic mazes with minimal walls.

How to use this program

  • Run the program by pressing the "start" or "play" button at the top of the Processing IDE
  • Hold a printed maze, or one of the sample ones in the CAMazed directory, up to the webcam so it is fully displayed on the webcam display.
  • Press the 's' key and click where the start of the maze is. It is much advised that you use a black and white maze with different colored dots to signify the start and end, such as the ones provided in the CAMazed directory.
  • The camera will freeze and allow the image to be static in order for the next step.
  • Press the 'e' key and click where the end of the maze is.
  • The solution should generate after a few seconds in a thin neon green line!

Supplemental Projects for Ethan Cheng

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