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This project will be a top down rpg of a style similar to the original legend of zelda. The basic story idea is that there is a bug in the Github servers and the octocat needs to go a fix it. There will be the firing of a projectile and a normal attack that hits directly in front. The basic code base will have a jpanel or similar object on top of the main field for each mobile element, including the player character, enemies, and projectiles. There will be two major components of the background. A textfield (uneditable usually) at the bottom for dialogue and messages and a square field that represents play area. The pop up window will not be resizeable. Movement will be controlled with the arrow keys and attacking will use the z and x keys.

###How to run:

$ javac *.java


$ java Driver


$ java Game


  • Basic setup (Window formating, image creation and management, etc.)
  • Character basics (Positioning, sprite, etc.)
  • controls (arrow keys and z/x, enemy random/ordered movement)
  • collision/attack detection (overlapping panels/sprites)
  • ammo system (probably simple at this point, but definitely an embelishment.)
  • [?] Storyline
  • Splash Screen
  • Art!

###Github Branches:


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