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A Terminal Locker
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ShellLocker is a Python3 script that provides an extra layer of security on your terminal.

To install:

git clone ~/.shelllocker

Add to .zshrc or .bashrc:

At some point in your .bashrc or .zshrc file, put:



If you are using .bash_aliases then put the following in .bash_aliases. If you are only using .bashrc or .zshrc, then put the following in your respective .rc file:

alias shellLock='python3 ~/.shelllocker/'

It is also recommended that you do:

chmod +x ~/.shelllocker/

Setting Up:

Run python3 ~/.shelllocker/ --setup

Run python3 ~/.shelllocker/ --help for more options

(Note if you are using the shellLock alias, you can do shellLock -h instead)

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