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Vajolet2 2.6 Release

The most remarkable changes for this release are the use of a new compiler ( Clang 7 ) and the tuning of evaluation function.

Changes againt 2.5 Release:

  • eval improvements (king safetym space, mobility)
    • extended endgame knowledge
    • big eval tuning
    • small search tuning
    • CLANG Compile
    • general simplification of code
    • stateinfo changed to std::vector . infinite lenght game capabiity
    • code simplification
  • [DEBUG]
    • uci ponder illegal move debug
    • eval command debug
    • movetime search debug

bench: 9221179

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Vajolet2 2.5 Release

This version contains some debugging and enhancements respect to the version that played in TCEC S11

Changes since release 2.4:

Parameters tuned (!! Big Elo Improvement !!)
endgame knowledge
transposition table
time management
UCI interface verbosity

Movegen class refactorying
Position class refactorying

debugged see in case of pawn promotion

improved unit testing ( many thanks to Fabio Gobbato for sharing some UnitTests)

The expected value for bench command is :


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makefile update

@elcabesa elcabesa released this Nov 19, 2017 · 67 commits to master since this release

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this release consist of lot of debug and refactoring and I hope it's few ELO point stronger than previous release

Many thanks to:
Dann Corbit, Jon Dart and Peter Osterlund for their help in find and solve multithread bottleneck.
Jürgen Précour (LocutusOfPenguin) for the help with cmake and Raspberry build
Thomas Petzke, for his post on his "Standard Algebraic Notation Headache"
Tcec boys for their beautyfull tournament, expecially Anton Mihailov .

Sep 16, 2017
various debug

@elcabesa elcabesa released this Feb 28, 2017 · 89 commits to master since this release

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Vajolet2 2.3
first release for raspberry



  • remove simd vectorclass and replaced with gcc simd
  • removed handmade code and replace it with gcc intrinsic


  • search at depth zero now return qsearch value
  • removed unused commands

time management:

  • better time and ponder management


  • syzygy debug and porting to 32bit system too

search enanchement:

  • razor tweak
  • futility tweak
  • probcut debug
  • single move at root
  • gamephase const tweak
  • score moves in evasion check

eval enanchement

  • pawn values tweak
  • endgame code simplification

small debug everywhere