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Croogo Eshop  plugin
Very simple plugin for Croogo, which is largery based on my requirements for simply eshop.
Site used Croogo with this plugin: (Slovak language)

- jquery

How to install
- Log in to admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Plugins page
- Upload the zip file (available here)
- Click on tick/cross icon of 'Eshop' for activating or deactivating the plugin

All tables are created automatically by config/schema files

Settings -> Orders
All recieved orders, here you can see detail of order,
change status of order, etc.

Settings -> Suppliers
List of all eshop suppliers.
Min. one supplier required

Settings -> Configure
Statuses - comma separated possible statuses of order
Payement - comma separated payement methods in order form
Shipping - comma separated shipping methods in order form
Email - all orders will be sended to this email also

How to use
Your node must be of 'product' type. You can admin
eshop items by clicking on Eshop tab in Node edit page
Here you can add, modify or delete eshop items (prices)

All items are attached to 'product' type node by plugin behavior,
so you can use it in your controllers or views in array 'EshopItems' in
node data.
For showing item directly add 
<?php echo $this->element('eshop_items_form', array('items' => $node['EshopItems'], 'plugin' => 'eshop')) ?>
to your node view file e.g. /app/views/themed/mytheme/nodes/view_product.ctp

Next steps
- agragators feeds