Croogo plugin for bind attachments to nodes
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Croogo Nodeattachment  plugin
Attach various types of files to node
- AJAX multiple file upload
- if is installed ffmpeg, create splash image and convert files to flv

!!! This version is only for Croogo 1.4+
For earlier croogo versions download tag 0.3

- Image2 plugin required for thumbnails of files

How to intall
- Log in to admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Plugins page
- Upload the zip file (available here)
- Set write permission for dir 'app/plugins/nodeattachment/webroot/flv
- Set write permission for dir 'app/plugins/nodeattachment/webroot/img/tn
- Click on tick/cross icon of 'Nodeattachment' for activating or deactivating the plugin
- Don't remember activate Image2 plugin also

Base configuration
MaxFileSize: Max. size of files uploaded via http

AllowedFileTypes: Allowed file types uploaded via http

StorageUploadDir (optional): Full path to storage, where you can (FTP) upload your big files. E.g. /server_path/app/plugins/nodeattachment/webroot/storage
Don't remember to set permission for write.

FfmpegDir (optional): If you have installed ffmpeg on server, type full path to ffmpeg here e.g.: C:\ffmpeg. On linux server leave empty.
If ffmpeg is not installed on server, type 'n/a'
More info about ffmpeg:

Types (optional): Coma separated list of nodeattachment types. You can edit it in nodeattachment admin edit

FfmpegExec (optional): Run ffmpeg via exec function (in background). This is perfect solution for convert big files in background, while php script continue as ordinary
Be sure you have all neccessary permission to run ffmpeg with exec (safe_mode etc.)
More info about exec