CNN architecture for articulated human pose estimation
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DeeperCut Part Detectors

This short documentation describes steps necessary to compile and run CNN-based body part detectors presented in the DeeperCut paper:

Eldar Insafutdinov, Leonid Pishchulin, Bjoern Andres, Mykhaylo Andriluka, and Bernt Schiele
DeeperCut: A Deeper, Stronger, and Faster Multi-Person Pose Estimation Model
In European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2016
For more information visit

Installation Instructions

  • This code was developed under Linux (Debian wheezy, 64 bit) and was tested only in this environment.
  • Build Caffe and Python bindings as described in the official documentation. You will have to disable CuDNN support and enable C++ 11.
$ make all pycaffe
  • Install Python Click package (required for demo only)
$ pip install click
  • Set PYTHONPATH variable
$ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`/python

Download Caffe Models

$ cd models/deepercut
$ ./

Run Demo

$ cd python/pose
$ python ./ image.png --out_name=prediction


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