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Nice text table for Node.js

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Easy table

Simple and nice utility for rendering text tables with javascript.


var Table = require('easy-table');

var data = [
    { id: 123123, desc: 'Something awesome', price: 1000.00 },
    { id: 245452, desc: 'Very interesting book', price: 11.45},
    { id: 232323, desc: 'Yet another product', price: 555.55 }

var t = new Table;

data.forEach(function (product) {
    t.cell('Product Id',;
    t.cell('Description', product.desc);
    t.cell('Price, USD', product.price.toFixed(2), Table.padLeft);


The script above will render:

Product Id  Description            Price, USD
----------  ---------------------  ----------
123123      Something awesome         1000.00
245452      Very interesting book       11.45
232323      Yet another product        555.55

The full signature of .cell() method is:

t.cell(column, value, printer, width)

Where column is a column name to print, value - cell's value, printer is a function with which cell's value should be printed, width - column's width.

By default column's width is ajusted to fit the longest value, but if specified explicitly it is fixed and any non-fitting cell is truncated.

Cell's value rendering occures in two phases. At the first phase printer function is called to get minimal width required to fit cell correctly, at the second phase printer function is called to get actual string to render with additional width parameter supplied.

You can sort a table by calling .sort(), and optionally passing in a list of column names to sort on (by default uses all columns), or a custom comparator function. It is also possible to specify the sort order. For example:

t.sort(['Price, USD|des']) // will sort in descending order
t.sort(['Price, USD|asc']) // will sort in ascending order
t.sort(['Price, USD']) // sorts in ascending order by default


Just install from the npm repository with:

$ npm install easy-table
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