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Dynamic script loading.


via component

$ component install eldargab/load-script

via npm

$ npm install load-script


load-script appends a script node to the <head> element in the dom.

require('load-script') returns a function of the following interface: function(url[, opts][, cb]) {}


Any url that you would like to load. May be absolute or relative.

[, opts]

A map of options. Here are the currently supported options:

  • async - A boolean value used for script.async. By default this is true.
  • attrs - A map of attributes to set on the script node before appending it to the DOM. By default this is empty.
  • charset - A string value used for script.charset. By default this is utf8.
  • text - A string of text to append to the script node before it is appended to the DOM. By default this is empty.
  • type - A string used for script.type. By default this is text/javascript.

[, cb]

A callback function of the following interface: function(err, script) {} where err is an error if any occurred and script is the script node that was appended to the DOM.

Example Usage

var load = require('load-script')

load('foo.js', function (err, script) {
  if (err) {
    // print useful message
  else {
    console.log(script.src);// Prints 'foo'.js'
    // use script
    // note that in IE8 and below loading error wouldn't be reported