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from django import template
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
from dialogos.forms import UnauthenticatedCommentForm, AuthenticatedCommentForm
from dialogos.models import Comment
register = template.Library()
class BaseCommentNode(template.Node):
def handle_token(cls, parser, token):
bits = token.split_contents()
if not cls.requires_as_var and len(bits) == 2:
return cls(parser.compile_filter(bits[1]))
elif len(bits) == 4:
if bits[2] != "as":
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("%r's 2nd argument must be 'as'" % bits[0])
return cls(parser.compile_filter(bits[1]), bits[3])
if cls.requires_as_var:
args = "1 argument"
args = "either 1 or 3 arguments"
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("%r takes %s" % (bits[0], args))
def __init__(self, obj, varname=None):
self.obj = obj
self.varname = varname
def get_comments(self, context):
obj = self.obj.resolve(context)
return Comment.objects.filter(,
class CommentCountNode(BaseCommentNode):
requires_as_var = False
def render(self, context):
comments = self.get_comments(context).count()
if self.varname is not None:
context[self.varname] = comments
return ""
return unicode(comments)
class CommentsNode(BaseCommentNode):
requires_as_var = True
def render(self, context):
context[self.varname] = self.get_comments(context)
return ""
class CommentFormNode(BaseCommentNode):
requires_as_var = False
def render(self, context):
obj = self.obj.resolve(context)
user = context.get("user")
if user is None or not user.is_authenticated():
form = UnauthenticatedCommentForm(obj=obj)
form = AuthenticatedCommentForm(obj=obj)
context[self.varname] = form
return ""
class CommentTargetNode(BaseCommentNode):
requires_as_var = False
def render(self, context):
obj = self.obj.resolve(context)
return reverse("post_comment", kwargs={
"content_type_id": ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj).pk,
def comment_count(parser, token):
{% comment_count obj %}
{% comment_count obj as var %}
return CommentCountNode.handle_token(parser, token)
def comments(parser, token):
{% comments obj as var %}
return CommentsNode.handle_token(parser, token)
def comment_form(parser, token):
{% comment_form obj as comment_form %}
Will read the `user` var out of the contex to know if the form should be
form an auth'd user or not.
return CommentFormNode.handle_token(parser, token)
def comment_target(parser, token):
{% comment_target obj [as varname] %}
return CommentTargetNode.handle_token(parser, token)
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