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  • added authorization checks on views
  • removed get_or_create in tag and only create now on initial submission of form.
  • added auditing


Box model (added created_by and last_updated_by columns as FK to User). It also includes a new model, Revision:

ALTER TABLE "boxes_box" ADD COLUMN "created_by_id" integer not null REFERENCES "auth_user" ("id") DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED;
CREATE INDEX "boxes_box_created_by_id" ON "boxes_box" ("created_by_id");


A boxes/box_create.html was added that can be identical to boxes/box_edit.html just with a different action url.


A new boxes_create url was added to support the rendering of the create form as well as processing the POST of that form. It takes a [-\w]+ parameter which is the label.

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