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DjangoCon US website by Eldarion

This repository stores the DjangoCon US website developed by Eldarion. This project is open source and the license can be found in LICENSE.


To get setup with djangcon code you must have the follow installed:

  • Python 2.6+
  • virtualenv 1.4.7+
  • C compiler (for PIL)

Setting up environment

Create a virtual environment where djangocon dependencies will live:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages djangocon
$ source djangocon/bin/activate

Make the project directory your working directory:

$ cd djangocon_project

Install djangocon project dependencies:

(djangocon)$ pip install -r requirements/project.txt

Setting up the database

This will vary for production and development. By default the project is set up to run on a SQLite database. If you are setting up a production database see the Configuration section below for where to place settings and get the database running. Now you can run:

(djangocon)$ python syncdb

Running a web server

In development you should run:

(djangocon)$ python runserver

For production, this project comes with a WSGI entry point located in deploy/ and can be referenced by gunicorn with deploy.wsgi:application.


You can create a file alongside to override any setting that may be environment/instance specific. This file is ignored in .gitignore.

Data configuration

Create a proposal type (@@@ change once upgraded to newer symposion):

>>> from symposion.proposals.models import ProposalKind
>>> ProposalKind.objects.create(name="Test")


If you find an issue with this code base you are welcome to email us at