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@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ This is a plugin that Eldarion uses for all of it's AJAX work.
No more writing the same 20 line ```$.ajax``` blocks of Javascript over and over again for each snippet of AJAX that you want to support. Easily extend support on the server side code for this by adding a top-level attribute to the JSON you are already returning called ```"html"``` that is the rendered content. Unlike a backbone.js approach to building a web app, eldarion-ajax leverages server side template rendering engines to render and return HTML fragments.
+This project used to be called **bootstrap-ajax** but the connection with Twitter Bootstrap was tenuous at best so we thought it best to rename to *eldarion-ajax*.
## Demo
There is a demo project at which is also online at
@@ -185,4 +187,4 @@ independently interpreted and executed.
This project, and others like it, have been built in support of many of Eldarion's
own sites, and sites of our clients. We would love to help you on your next project
-so get in touch by dropping us a note at
+so get in touch by dropping us a note at

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