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1.1 (dev)

  • added --upgrade to init to perform a configuration upgrade
  • changed configuration format from INI to YAML (~/.gondor can remain in INI format)
  • added --no-on-deploy to deploy command which will prevent running of on_deploy commands
  • improved run to use the new interactive process on Gondor


  • improved path handling of file argument to database:load
  • fixed formatting of errors when deploying
  • gondor run no longer needs -- to delimit run options from command options
  • fixed bug on Python 2.6 in database:load


  • fixed bug introduced in 1.0.4 with manage commands other than database:load


  • stablized database:load allowing SQL dumps to be uploaded
  • added gondor dashboard [instance] enabling quick opening of dashboard for site or instance


  • added [app] managepy for customization the location of
  • added [app] local_settings when set to on will tell Gondor to not write a file; this is not fully supported on Gondor yet (full announcement coming soon)


  • fixed sqldump to display stdout on stderr allowing it to be piped correctly
  • added gondor env and env:set to view and set instance environment variables
  • removed undocumented files.include functionality in favor of gondor env
  • added -v/--verbose for increasing verbosity level
  • default verbosity level makes "Reading from configuration... [ok]" hidden by default
  • added [app] compressor which enables running compress (from django_compressor) during deployment
  • removed checks on project layout (fixes Django 1.4 support) and paves way for more flexible layouts


  • added gondor open to open an instance URL in your browser
  • removed deprecated API endpoint URLs
  • added [app] settings_module to allow overriding of DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE
  • added ability to store site_key in .gondor/site_key file (thanks Travis Swicegood)


  • no changes since post14


  • changed requirements_file and wsgi_entry_point defaults to be more understood
  • added site_media_url default (has been supported for a while, but now added with init)
  • reworked configuration; allowing auth to be defined locally or globally
  • added support for API keys
  • improved how API errors are displayed
  • Gondor API now will force all users to use this version or newer


  • fixed gondor manage when a task is not returned
  • removed use of a deprecated return value from API
  • changed gondor run to work with new API method of returning command output
  • Gondor API now will force all users to use this version or newer


  • fixed a bug introduced in the PATH lookup changes in post11


  • improved PATH lookups for git and hg (better Windows support)
  • improved wsgi_entry_point comment in INI


  • added [app] site_media_url for overriding nginx site media URL


  • added warning about repo root being same as project root

1.0b1.post8 (the Donald Stufft release)

  • added Windows support (thanks Donald Stufft!)
  • added [app] include option for added untracked files to tarball pushed to Gondor (thanks Donald Stufft again!)


  • check git revs for existence to fix "unable to read tarball: empty file" errors


  • added more information when running gondor init


  • corrected wording introduced in b1.post3 which was incorrect in a .gondor/config comment


  • when API returns non-200 responses show them more gracefully for better debugging (temporary fix until client gets refactored)


  • improved .gondor/config to include comments


  • added a way to display errors from new API (client soon to be updated to support everything nicely)
  • display URL on every deploy and in list
  • added staticfiles option to [app]; allowing values "on" or "off"
  • improved create success message regarding how to deploy to be friendly to all supported vcs users


  • removed internal Eldarion URL which could cause pip to ask for username/password when trying to install


  • initial public release of Gondor client
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