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Django utilities for publishing events as a calendar

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Provides utilities for publishing events as a calendar.

At the moment, it just provides a visual calendar (both large and small) showing which days have events and optionally linking to a day detail page.


{% load kairios_tags %}


{% calendar events %}

where events implements the following protocol:

events.day_url(year, month, day, has_event, **kwargs)
return a link to the page for the given day or None if there is not to be a day link. has_event is a boolean telling this method whether there is an event on the day or not so you can choose whether a day without an event should link or not.
events.month_url(year, month, **kwargs)
return a link to the page for the given month or None if there is not to be a month link.
events_by_day(year, month, **kwargs)
return a dictionary mapping day number to a list of events on that day.

Note that all methods take additional key-word arguments that can be used in the calculation of the return value.

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