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from django import template
from kaleo.forms import InviteForm
from kaleo.models import InvitationStat
register = template.Library()
class RemainingInvitesNode(template.Node):
def handle_token(cls, parser, token):
bits = token.split_contents()
if len(bits) != 2:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError
return cls(
user = parser.compile_filter(bits[1])
def __init__(self, user):
self.user = user
def render(self, context):
user = self.user.resolve(context)
return user.invitationstat.invites_remaining()
except InvitationStat.DoesNotExist:
return "0"
def remaining_invites(parser, token):
{% remaining_invites user %}
Returns an integer that is the # of remaining invites the user has.
return RemainingInvitesNode.handle_token(parser, token)
def invite_form(user):
return {"form": InviteForm(), "user": user}
def invites_sent(user):
return {"invited_list": user.invites_sent.all()}
def status_class(invite):
if invite.status == invite.STATUS_SENT:
return "sent"
elif invite.status == invite.STATUS_ACCEPTED:
return "accepted"
elif invite.status == invite.STATUS_JOINED_INDEPENDENTLY:
return "joined"
return ""
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