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weird URL import behavior #5

justinabrahms opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In 8343341 , the order of when receivers were imported changed. If you include urls as:

    url(r"^invites/", include("kaleo.urls")),

tests won't seem to register any signals. Instead, you need to import urls like:

from kaleo import urls as kaleo_urls
# ...
    url(r"^invites/", include(kaleo_urls)),
# ...

Was this intentional? Is it just a bad practice to include based on strings? Is registering things like signal receivers in a common practice?


I spoke too soon. The 2nd code linked doesn't actually solve the issue. To make it pass, I need to from kaleo import urls from inside my test code. :frowning:


In response to

Is registering things like signal receivers in a common practice?

The answer is it's a bad practice and one we're changing. We'll hopefully have a blog post about that very issue this week.

@paltman paltman closed this issue from a commit
@paltman paltman Remove import from that hooks up receivers
This is a backwards incompatible change, of which the details
can be found in the docs/changelog.rst

Fixes #5
@paltman paltman closed this in 53e73e0
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