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from django import template
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
from django.utils.encoding import smart_unicode
from mimesis.models import ImageAssociation, AudioAssociation, VideoAssociation
register = template.Library()
class BaseMediaNode(template.Node):
Base helper class (abstract) for handling the get_media_for template tags.
def handle_token(cls, parser, token, model):
"""Class method to parse get_media_list and return a Node."""
tokens = token.contents.split()
if tokens[1] != 'for':
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Second argument in %r tag must be 'for'" % tokens[0])
# {% get_whatever for obj as varname %}
if len(tokens) == 5:
if tokens[3] != 'as':
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Third argument in %r must be 'as'" % tokens[0])
return cls(
object_expr = parser.compile_filter(tokens[2]),
as_varname = tokens[4],
model = model,
# {% get_whatever for app.model pk as varname %}
elif len(tokens) == 6:
if tokens[4] != 'as':
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Fourth argument in %r must be 'as'" % tokens[0])
return cls(
ctype = BaseMediaNode.lookup_content_type(tokens[2], tokens[0]),
object_pk_expr = parser.compile_filter(tokens[3]),
as_varname = tokens[5],
model = model,
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("%r tag requires 4 or 5 arguments" % tokens[0])
def lookup_content_type(token, tagname):
app, model = token.split('.')
return ContentType.objects.get(app_label=app, model=model)
except ValueError:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Third argument in %r must be in the format 'app.model'" % tagname)
except ContentType.DoesNotExist:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("%r tag has non-existant content-type: '%s.%s'" % (tagname, app, model))
def __init__(self, ctype=None, object_pk_expr=None, object_expr=None, as_varname=None, model=None):
if ctype is None and object_expr is None:
raise template.TemplateSyntaxError("Media nodes must be given either a literal object or a ctype and object pk.")
self.media_model = model
self.as_varname = as_varname
self.ctype = ctype
self.object_pk_expr = object_pk_expr
self.object_expr = object_expr
def render(self, context):
qs = self.get_query_set(context)
context[self.as_varname] = self.get_context_value_from_queryset(context, qs)
return ""
def get_query_set(self, context):
ctype, object_pk = self.get_target_ctype_pk(context)
if not object_pk:
return self.media_model.objects.none()
qs = self.media_model.objects.filter(
content_type = ctype,
object_pk = smart_unicode(object_pk),
return qs
def get_target_ctype_pk(self, context):
if self.object_expr:
obj = self.object_expr.resolve(context)
except template.VariableDoesNotExist:
return None, None
return ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj),
return self.ctype, self.object_pk_expr.resolve(context, ignore_failures=True)
def get_context_value_from_queryset(self, context, qs):
"""Subclasses should override this."""
raise NotImplementedError
class MediaListNode(BaseMediaNode):
"""Insert a list of media into the context."""
def get_context_value_from_queryset(self, context, qs):
return list(qs)
def get_images_for(parser, token):
return MediaListNode.handle_token(parser, token, ImageAssociation)
def get_audio_for(parser, token):
return MediaListNode.handle_token(parser, token, AudioAssociation)
def get_videos_for(parser, token):
return MediaListNode.handle_token(parser, token, VideoAssociation)
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