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Aug 20, 2012

  1. Patrick Altman

    Fix isinstance check

    paltman authored
  2. Patrick Altman

    Refactor how the phileo widget works

    paltman authored

Dec 28, 2011

  1. Patrick Altman

    Fix white-space violations

    paltman authored

Nov 29, 2011

  1. Tim Heap

    Checking for likable models is now more robust

    `phileo.utils_allowed` handles string arguments, and Model arguments now,
    and treats them appropriately. This way, you can pass in either a Model
    instance OR a string already in the 'app_name.model' format and both are
    handled correctly.
    When using the {% likes %} tag, the PHILEO_LIKABLE_MODELS list is
    checked before the likes for that model are queried. If the model is not
    in PHILEO_LIKABLE_MODELS, that model is skipped.
    timheap authored
  2. Tim Heap

    Like list tag defaults to all registerd models

    {% likes user as like_list %} defaults to using all registered models
    when no models are specified, to allow easy listing of all likes in an
    application - which is probably the main use case for this.
    timheap authored
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