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# The key associated to your site.
key: 712J2JV0OIE
# Version control system used locally for your project.
vcs: git
# Framework to use on Gondor.
framework: django
# This path is relative to your project root (the directory gondor.yml lives in.)
requirements_file: requirements/project.txt
# Commands to be executed during deployment. These can handle migrations or
# moving static files into place. Accepts same parameters as gondor run.
- collectstatic --noinput
- upgradedb --execute
# URLs which should be served by Gondor mapping to a filesystem location
# relative to your writable storage area.
- /2013/site_media:
root: site_media/
# The WSGI entry point of your application in two parts separated by a
# colon. Example:
# wsgi:application
# wsgi = the Python module which should be importable
# application = the callable in the Python module
entry_point: symposion.wsgi:application
# Options for gunicorn which runs your WSGI project.
# The worker class used to run gunicorn (possible values include:
# sync, eventlet and gevent)
worker_class: sync
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