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Lil Link

A shortlink system built on Cloudflare workers

Website - Hosted version coming soon

Live Demo

Before deploying you'll need to put your info into the zone_id, account_id, route, and [[kv-namespaces]] sections of wrangler.toml To deploy with Wrangler, you'll need at least version 1.2.0.

This requires 2 Workers KV Namespaces, mapped to SHORTLINKS and HITS. The shortlink is currently used as the key for both.

HITS currently doesn't display data anywhere but collects hit counts for future usage.

Namespace Key Value
SHORTLINKS shortlink url
HITS shortlink hit count

This version adds support for handling KV Namespaces via Wrangler.

Configuration and Deployment

  1. Run git clone
  2. Create 2 KV Namespaces in the Cloudflare Dashboard or via their API.
  3. Fill out the zone_id, account_id fields in wrangler.toml.
  4. Fill out the route section in wrangler.toml with*, replacing "" with your domain.
  5. Paste one of your newly created KV Namespace IDs into wrangler.toml under SHORTLINKS and the other under HITS
  6. cd into the lil-link directory and run wrangler publish --release

Note: I have been unable to get Workers run unless there is already an active DNS record in the Cloudflare dashboard. I have an A record for @ on pointing to a server I control, but as my route is set to* supposedly the server will never be contacted as Workers will intercept all requests.


A shortlink system built on Cloudflare workers







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