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use ad983x::{Ad983x, FrequencyRegister};
use linux_embedded_hal::{Pin, Spidev};
fn main() {
let spi = Spidev::open("/dev/spidev0.0").unwrap();
let chip_select = Pin::new(25);
let mut dds = Ad983x::new_ad9833(spi, chip_select);
dds.reset().unwrap(); // reset is necessary before operation
dds.set_frequency(FrequencyRegister::F0, 4724).unwrap();
// Given a 25 MHz clock, this now outputs a sine wave
// with a frequency of 440 Hz, which is a standard
// A4 tone.
// Get SPI device and CS pin back
let (_spi, _chip_select) = dds.destroy();