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The repository contains SharePoint Framework solution demonstrates how to use LMS365 API using modern SharePoint web parts.

Before you begin

Configure access to LMS365 API

Access to LMS365 API should be configured using package-solution.json

  • You need to open > Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications and search lms365 api application. it could be found by one of two search criterias: lms365-api-prod or LMS365 API

  • Once application found copy the name lms365-api-prod or LMS365 API

  • Open repository-folder/config/package-solution.json and make sure that section webApiPermissionRequests has right name of resource from previous step

"webApiPermissionRequests": [
        "resource": "LMS365 API", //or "lms365-api-prod"
        "scope": "user_impersonation"

Build solution in debug mode

cd repository-folder
npm i
gulp bundle
gulp package-solution
gulp serve

Deploy solution in debug mode

  • Upload the package file from repository-folder\sharepoint\solution\lms365-spfx-samples.sppkg to the SharePoint app catalog
  • Once package is uploaded you need to approve LMS365 API permission request. It could be done using steps from documentation

the request is approved one time. After request is approved web part will able to connect to the LMS365 API and ready to run.

  • Open any modern site you have admin access to and then navigate to hosted workbench
    IMPORTANT: workbench should be hosted and NOT localhost based
  • On the page you can add lms365-statistics web part it should look like that


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