Frequency and Period Counter library for Arduino converted for Particle Photon
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Built with po-util

This repository is a po-util project

Po makes it easy to locally develop firmware for Particle devices, and supports the Particle Photon, P1, Electron, Core, Raspberry Pi, and Redbear Duo.

Your project’s C++ files go in the firmware/ directory, and the binary will appear in the bin/ directory.

To compile code, run po DEVICE_TYPE build, substituting DEVICE_TYPE with photon, P1, electron, core, pi, or duo.

To compile and flash code, run po DEVICE_TYPE flash. Code is compiled and then flashed to your device over USB.

To clean the project, run po DEVICE_TYPE clean.

To flash a project over USB without rebuilding, run po DEVICE_TYPE dfu.

To upload a compiled project over the air run po DEVICE ota DEVICE_NAME, where DEVICE_NAME is the name of your device in the Particle cloud. Note: You must be logged into particle-cli to use this feature. You can log into particle-cli with:

particle login

For more help, run man po, or visit

By the way, po has tab completion. Try pressing [TAB] at any time to have arguments completed.

Feel free to edit this to make it more suitable for your project. (I do ask that you please include the badge at the top though.)