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#pragma once
HaySense library by Markus Kreitzer
// This will load the definition for common Particle variable types.
#include "Particle.h"
#include "FreqPeriodCounter.h"
// All my defs
#define BATTERY_PIN A5 //Power from HaySense feather.
#define MOISTURE_PIN D4 //Pin on feather where moisture frequency is read.
#define TEMPERATURE_PIN D5 // Pin on feather where temperature frequency is read.
#define SENSOR_POWER_PIN D6 //Power line for actual sensors
#define POWER_ON_DELAY 10 // Delay before sensors are powered on.
#define TIMER_PERIOD 1000 // One second in milis
// This is your main class that users will import into their application
class HaySense
float get_temperature_freq(void);
float get_moisture_freq(void);
void power_on_sensors(void);
void power_off_sensors(void);
void counterISR();
//void detect_pulse(void);
float get_battery_voltage(void);
class Converter
Converter(float *moist_constants, float *temp_constants);
float GetMoisture(float moist_hz, float temp_hz);
float GetTemperature(float temp_hz);
float *moisture_constants;
float *temperature_constants;
float temperature_hz;
float y_0();
float y_100();
float slope_prime(void);
float intercept_prime(void);