EMAC demo for TAIJIUINO Due Pro R2.
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EMAC Library for TAIJIUINO Due Pro R2

TAIJIUINO Due Pro R2 ethernet

This library is used to test the EMAC function of TAIJIUINO Due Pro R2.


This library is develop by Palliser from Arduino forum, and it is not the final version. Forum Discussion.

Palliser's github, Palliser think the code is not perfect enough, so he didn't upload these codes at present.

We upload it here just want to make a demo to our users.

How To

  1. Place emac.h rstc.h ----> ...\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\sam\system\libsam\include

    emac.c rstc.c ----> ...\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\sam\system\libsam\source respectively

    variant.cpp and variant.h ---> ...\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\sam\variants\arduino_due_x, arduino_due_x folder alread have variant.cpp and variant.h, you need replace them, back up first.

    emac.h, rstc.h, emac.c, rstc.c, variant.cpp and variant.h are in CopyToAnotherDir

  2. Copy EMAC folder to $ArduionScketch/libraries

  3. Connect DUE Ethernet Module with TAIJIUINO Due Pro R2, open example Arduino_Due_EMAC_Mod, upload it to TAIJIUINO Due Pro R2.

  4. Set your PC ip address to, submask, gate way Connect your PC and DUE Ethernet Module through network cable. Restart your TaijiDue, wait for the connection is established. Ping, and the result:

    ping result