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This is check_postgres, a monitoring tool for Postgres.

The most complete and up to date information about this script can be found at:

You should go check there right now to make sure you are installing 
the latest version!

This document will cover how to install the script.

* Quick method:

For the impatient Nagios admin, just copy the "" file 
to your Nagios scripts directory, and perhaps symlink entries to that 
file by:

cd <the directory you just copied the file to>
mkdir postgres
cd postgres
perl ../ --symlinks

Then join the announce mailing list (see below)

* Complete method:

The better way to install this script is via the standard Perl process:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

The last step usually needs to be done as the root user. You may want to 
copy the script to a place that makes more sense for Nagios, if using it 
for that purpose. See the "Quick" insructions above.

For 'make test', please report any failing tests to 
The tests need to have some standard Postgres binaries available, such as 
'initdb', 'psql', and 'pg_ctl'. If these are not in your path, or you want to 
use specific ones, pleae set the environment variable PGBINDIR first.

Once 'make install' has been done, you should have access to the complete 
documentation by typing:

man check_postgres

The HTML version of the documentation is also available at:

* Mailing lists

The final step should be to subscribe to the low volume check_postgres-announce 
mailing list, so you learn of new versions and important changes. Information 
on joining can be found at:

General questions and development issues are discussed on the check_postgres list, 
which we recommend people join as well:

Development happens via git. You can check out the repository by doing:

git clone

All changes are sent to the commit list: