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Forget complex cellar tracking software, here is bleeding-edge technology: paper labels! Print a bunch of standard letter-sized sheets, use a knife to cut many sheets at once, pick your bottles, fill-in the information you need and leave your bottles in your cellar until you need to find the one you feel like drinking.
-<img src="wiki/celier-exemple-1.4.png" height="300px" alt="French Sample" />
-<img src="wiki/6cellar.jpg" height="300px" alt="Labels in cellar" />
+<img src="/elecnix/printable-cellar/wiki/celier-exemple-1.4.png" height="300px" alt="French Sample" />
+<img src="/elecnix/printable-cellar/wiki/6cellar.jpg" height="300px" alt="Labels in cellar" />
For instructions and download links, <a href="wiki">go to the wiki</a>.

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