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@elect-gombe elect-gombe released this Mar 26, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release


  1. copy id1/pak?.pak to your SD. You can DL the package file in the official Quake shareware, or use full package file(s).
  2. connect your dualshock2 to k210.
    See source/k210.c.
    fpioa_set_function(18, FUNC_GPIOHS0 + DS2_CS);   //Dualshock2 ss
    fpioa_set_function(19, FUNC_GPIOHS0 + DS2_CLK); //clk
    fpioa_set_function(21, FUNC_GPIOHS0 + DS2_MOSI); //mosi--DO/CMD
    fpioa_set_function(20, FUNC_GPIOHS0 + DS2_MISO); //miso--DI/DAT
  1. Set up each of jump function, atack function and switch weapon function to the button(s).

See readme for more information.

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