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This is a model that works with the core NotORM library so that you can extend your own models with the NotORM library.


In your application.ini add this:

; NotORM = "<Database Host>"
notorm.database = "<Database Name>"
notorm.user = "<Database User>"
notorm.password = "<Database Password>"

Get the NotORM Library. I've included a .gitmodules in the repo so you can download the NotORM latest code using git's submodule feature with:

git submodule update --init

This will clone the latest code into your own repo - alternatively you can always just download the library yourself at

To utilize in any model simply extend Application_Model_NotORM and use the NotORM class using a method like getData()

Application_Model_Something extends Application_Model_NotORM {
    public function __construct() {
    private function getData() {
      return $this->NotORM->table_name()->where('id', 1)->fetch();

For full documentation on how to use $this->NotORM read NotORM documentation at