Self-hosted website analytics tool written in Node.js.
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Ackee helps you to track your sites, know more about your visitors and to analyze your traffic.


Get started

Get started with Ackee »


What is Ackee?

Ackee is a lightweight, self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics. It features an API and web interface and tracks only what's really necessary.

Why Ackee?

Because nobody should share information about their visitors with others. The big players already know enough about us.

  • Self-hosted
  • Written in Node.js
  • Lightweight and minimal user interface
  • Respects the privacy settings of your users
  • No unique user tracker and no cookies

How does it work?

You run the Ackee server which than waits for requests through its API.

The API of Ackee accepts information about your visitors sent to it using ackee-tracker. It's a small script you add to your sites, similar to the JavaScript tracking snippet provided by Google Analytics.

The interface of Ackee lets you view and analyse your tracked information.



Ackee depends on...

Make sure to install and update all dependencies before you setup Ackee.



The following environment variables are used by Ackee. You can also create a .env file in the root of the project to store all variables in one file.


MongoDB connection URI. See the MongoDB connection string spec for more detail.



The port Ackee should listen on. Defaults to 3000.


Username and password

Username and password. Both are required to generate a new token.



Specifies how long a generated token is valid. Defaults to 3600000 (1 day).