[Deprecated] HTML5 Boilerplate with Gulp, Harp, BrowserSync and a predefined folder-structure
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[Deprecated] HarpStart

Jump-start your front-end development. A HTML5 Boilerplate with Gulp, Harp, BrowserSync and a predefined folder-structure.



  • HarpStart is a base for all your everyday web-projects. Jump-start your work and develop without starting from zero. Everything you need one fork away.
  • This project is powered by Harp, a zero-configuration web server with built in pre-processing. SASS, Gulp, CoffeeScript, Autoprefixer and more can be used right out of the box.
  • HarpStart is just the beginning. Fork it and extend it to your own needs. The predefined structure gives you flexibility and can be modified with ease.


HarpStart dependents on …

Make sure to install and update all dependencies before you fork and setup HarpStart.


We recommend to download HarpStart from GitHub using git:

git clone https://github.com/electerious/HarpStart

Install all required dependencies from both npm and Bower before you start with the development. All steps are combined into one single command, which can be executed when both package managers are installed on your system.

npm install

How to use


Start developing using the following command. You browser will open, wait for code-changes and live-reload instantly when you update your files. SASS, CoffeeScript and other languages are compiled on-the-fly using Harp.

npm start


Ready for prime time? Export all files, compiled and prepared for your audience. Simple upload the final dist/ folder to your server and relax. Take a seat and enjoy a delicious burger from your favorite restaurant.

npm run compile


The fastest way to pull new commits, install the latest dependencies and compile the project.

npm run update



The default port is already in use? Blame on you! At least there's a solution if you want to work on multiple projects.* Simply add PORT= and a port-number of your choice in front of the command:

PORT=8888 npm start

*Multi-tasking is bad for you. Stay focused!