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Rosid can be integrated into your project using its API or CLI. The CLI tool is located in the bin folder and allows you to run the serve and compile functions without adding JS files to your project. Only a single rosidfile.json or rosidfile.js is required in your current working directory.



  rosid [command] [options]


  serve [srcPath] [options]               serve current or specified folder
  compile [srcPath] [distPath] [options]  compile current or specified folder to static files


  -i, --ignore   ignore given files when copying
  -s, --static   disable browser reload for given files
  -o, --open     open default or given URL automatically in default browser
  -v, --verbose  increase verbosity
  -V, --version  output the version number
  -h, --help     output usage information


  $ rosid serve src/
  $ rosid serve src/ -o
  $ rosid serve src/ -o '/en/index.html'
  $ rosid serve src/ -s '/static.html'
  $ rosid compile src/ dist/
  $ rosid compile src/ dist/ -i '**/_*' -i '**/includes'



Start a static site server and compile requested files on-the-fly. The site will reload automatically when files change.

rosid serve src/


Export your site to a folder.

rosid serve src/ dist/


Let Rosid open the URL automatically in your default browser with --open (or -o):

rosid serve src/ -o

Open a custom URL in your default browser with --open (or -o) followed by a path:

rosid serve src/ -o '/ui/index.html'

Prevent pages from reloading when the content changes by using --static (or -s):

rosid serve src/ dist/ -s '/static.html'

You can ignore files you don't want in the exported folder with --ignore (or -i):

rosid compile src/ dist/ -i '**/_*' -i '**/.bower.json' -i '**/assets/includes'