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Jump-start your front-end development. Skeleton is a HTML5 Boilerplate build upon Rosid.



  • Skeleton is a base for all your everyday web-projects. Jump-start your work and develop without starting from zero. Everything you need one fork away.
  • This project is powered by Rosid, a web server with just-in-time pre-processing. JS (with Babel, UglifyJS), SASS (with cssnano, Autoprefixer) and Nunjucks can be used right out of the box.
  • Skeleton is just the beginning. Fork it and extend it to your own needs. The predefined structure gives you flexibility and can be modified with ease.


Skeleton dependents on …

Make sure to install and update all dependencies before you fork and setup Skeleton.


Install all required dependencies with yarn before you start developing.

yarn install

How to use


Start developing using the following command. You browser will open, wait for code-changes and live-reload instantly when you update your files. JS, SASS and Nunjucks will be compiled on-the-fly.

yarn start


Ready for prime time? Export all files, compiled and prepared for your audience. Simple upload the final dist/ folder to your server and relax. Take a seat and enjoy a delicious burger from your favorite restaurant.

yarn run compile


Skeleton includes Malvid to help you build and document web components. Start the development server and open /index.html in your browser. The path to the UI can be changed in rosidfile.js.


The included Dockerfile lets you build an image which compiles your site. In this case only Docker needs to be installed on the system. No other dependencies are required.


Build an image from the Dockerfile. This has to be done each time you have modified the project. The new source will be copied into the image.

docker build -t electerious/skeleton .


Start a container to compile your site. The container will exit automatically when all tasks have been finished. The mounted volume will contain all compiled files.

docker run --rm -tv "$(pwd)/dist:/dist" electerious/skeleton