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Redirect from an album-name to a Lychee-album.
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[Deprecated] Redirect

Redirect is an extension for Lychee, which redirects the user to an album inside Lychee. Or with other words: It turns an album-name into an album-id.


This extension requires a working Lychee v2.5 on your computer or server.

Navigate to the plugin-folder (plugins/) of your Lychee and run the following command:

git clone redirect

Open the new folder, copy the config.sample.ini and rename the copy to config.ini. Than open the INI and fill the properties with your configuration.

How to use

Open your browser and enter the address to the redirect-folder. Append ?name={albumname} to the end of the URL. Make sure that you replace {albumname} with a name of an album in your Lychee. The complete URL could look like this:

The script will redirect you to the corresponding album in Lychee.


(MIT License)

Copyright (C) 2014 Tobias Reich

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