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Installation Instructions

On all OSs:

  • Download and unpack the source code asset.
  • Navigate into the unpacked directory.

On Mac:

  • Double-click fepper.command
    • If opening for the first time, macOS may warn that it can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
    • In that case, ctrl+click (or right-click) fepper.command and click "Open"
    • In the following prompt, click "Open" to confirm that you're sure you want to open it.
  • Enter your password to allow installation.
  • After installation, Fepper should automatically open in a browser.

On other Unix-like OSs (or if you prefer working on a BASH-like command line):

  • Install Node.js if it isn't installed already.
  • On the command line, navigate into the unpacked directory
  • npm install -g fepper-cli
  • npm install
  • fp

On Windows:

  • Install Node.js if it isn't installed already.
  • PowerShell >= 3.0 required.
  • In PowerShell, navigate into the unpacked directory.
  • Enter npm run install-windows
  • In File Explorer, double-click fepper.vbs