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#Utils module

This library gather all utilitary methods that are used by the different modules of the bugs and vulnerabilities project and that could be used in other context.


  • Git utilitary + diff
  • MultiThreading
  • Regexp
  • Serialization



This module provide some useful function when trying to mine a git repository


 val git = GitUtilitary("pathto .git folder")


data class DeveloperHistory(val totalNumberOfDeveloper: Int = 0, val currentNumberOfDeveloper: Int = 0, val numberOfChanges: Int = 0) : Serializable


  • retrievingFileFromSpecificCommit
  • listOfCommitImpactingAFile
  • previousCommitImpactingAFile
  • gitBlame
  • gitBlameNbDev
  • getDevHistoryOfAFile (use Developer History class)
  • getDeltaFile (Delta History)
  • getListOfModifiedFile
  • getCommitMessage
  • getTimeCommit


This side module provides methods for computing unified diff or delta of between 2 versions of a file


This object contains methods to launch a function on a list in a multithreaded way. So far, 3 distinct version exist:

  • one in case the function return a single element (onFunctionWithSingleOutput)

  • one in case the function return a list of result that we need to flatten (onFunctionWithListOutput)

  • one in case the function return a list of result that need to be gathered in a list of list. (onFunctionWithListListOutput)

      Multithreading.onFunctionWithListOutput(myList, { element -> function(element)},numberThread)

This multithreading function relies on the JAVA Executors and CompletionService


This object gather several methods based on regexp:

  • extract url from a string
  • recursive List Of Files Of A Directory with a given extension
  • bag of Words
  • removing C style comment
  • find out if one keyword is present in a string
  • map of frequency


This object contains method to load/save list or map of Serializable object

Normalizing Path Folder

This object contains a single method to normalize the path of a folder, i.e., adding the right separator at the end if missing

Ressource Extractor

This object contains two method one for downloading a resource from the internet, the other to unzip a file


This library is coded in Kotlin 1.0.3 and use Speck as a testing framework

Bug and feature request

Use the github issue page to report bugs or ask for new features


The tool is open source and release under apache 2 Licence.