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0.13.1 (in progress)





  • Localisation: text snippets can now be set in locales.yml
  • Better search indexing
  • Fix print font defaults
  • Match EBM colours
  • Markdownify breadcrumbs
  • Update Source Sans Pro
  • Add Sass variables to make headers and footers easier to style
  • Improved docs
  • Fix epub output in OSX, Linux, and various epub bugs and improvements
  • Add app output to OSX, Linux
  • Fix Word output on OSX, Linux
  • Add image-processing with gulp to unix scripts
  • Add minification and cleanup of SVGs on image processing
  • Add variable for default rule thickness
  • Add .image-with-caption class
  • Add language-selector menu for when translations exist
  • Improve gulpfile SVG optimisation for epubs
  • Set hyphenation to manual by default
  • Allow translation directories and language codes to differ
  • Don't store Cordova plugins and platforms folders in source control
  • Bug fixes and code-readability improvements


  • Keep build tools in _tools
  • Change term series to broader project
  • Embed fonts and prevent risk of reflow from PDF font fallbacks
  • Fix page-header functionality for running heads
  • Hide technical files from non-tech editors and EBM


  • Various updates to documentation
  • Add epub generation (replaces old epub-ready files for Sigil approach)
  • Epubs now MathJax and JS capable
  • Add app generation (Android in Windows, app-ready HTML for iOS)
  • Add gulpfile to autoprocess images from _source into output formats
  • Important change to translations structure (documented)
  • New page-info include for checking metadata for a book and given page
  • All categorisation of docs
  • Fix video embeds, and only load iframe JS on click
  • Fixes to typos and tiny bugs


  • Allow variant outputs (e.g. variations on print-pdf for derivative works)
  • New identifiers include lists, e.g. ISBNs, from meta.yml
  • New _data/settings.yml for Electric Book settings like variants, and
  • for future Electric Book Manager integration
  • Integrate documentation and typography samples (replaces separate docs repo)
  • Output formats now force appropriate image-set
  • Support Vimeo embeds
  • Allow series footer text in addition to book-specific web footers
  • Add dialogue styles
  • Shorter, easy {{ images }} tag for path to set-sensitive images
  • Update MathJax CDN
  • Better open graph metadata
  • Smarter video includes
  • Completely remove buggy Crimson Text font
  • Custom hyphenation dictionaries work and work better
  • Make hr text dividers work better with ADE and Amazon
  • Use latest Jekyll 3.5.2
  • Various minor fixes and improvements


  • Add support for translations as subdirectories of text
  • Add MathJax output in PDF
  • Assume/force use of format-specific image-sets
  • Far more powerful figure include (and related styling)
  • PDF export now conforms to major standards: X1-a for print-pdf, A-3b for screen-pdf.
  • Add ability to change the PDF profile and colour intent in Sass config.
  • Change Jekyll destination back to _site_ (no longer non-standard _html)
  • More variables available from include metadata
  • Breadcrumb trail clickable, when destination files are defined in meta.yml's web nav tree
  • Simpler, better way to create book-cover files
  • Linux and Mac scripts fixed and updated
  • Javascript in Prince activated by default in scripts
  • HTML compressed with compress.html
  • Minor fixes and improvements (including base typography, nav buttons, TOC layout, default font, Prose config, gitignore, output scripts)


  • Fix image-set bug in Windows batch file script


  • Windows batch file script enables image-set switching
  • Fixes and minor improvements to styling defaults


  • Major improvements to web navigation
  • Text search (client-side, using elasticlunr)
  • Breadcrumbs in masthead
  • Many fixes and minor improvements


  • Hide web-only elements (e.g. masthead) from print output for printing from browser.
  • Fix start depth for frontmatter.
  • Add mispelling fallback for .half-title-page/.halftitle-page.
  • Define nav-bar-prompt text color.
  • Add contact-form include using
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Some smarter defaults.


Bug fixes and minor improvements.


Major revision, the key change is that we no longer use a gem-based theme, but rather package everything in the template. Far more powerful Sass configs and better web navigation.


  • Set book folder as default in run-windows


  • run-windows script now installs Bundler if it's not installed
  • run-windows script fixes: correct baseurl, correct epub firstfile
  • Test with Jekyll 3.3.0 and allow in dependencies
  • Update prose config
  • Allow gh-pages repo in config
  • Minor fixes


  • Add output scripts for all formats for OSX and Linux
  • Combine output scripts into one for each OS
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New web navigation option to allow nested menu items: add a web nav tree to meta.yml, and enable in _config.yml.
  • Move youtube include to theme and out of template. (How to manage embeds should be a theme decision.)
  • Add index page to book folder that redirects to text/index
  • Add related redirect include for redirecting any page
  • Add head-elements include for injecting scripts and links in <head>
  • Use electric-book-classic-theme v0.1.3


  • Rename get-metadata include to metadata for simpler tag
  • Fix broken font paths and management (fonts now all called from custom CSS)
  • Add experimental Windows bundle install script


  • Overhaul to work with Jekyll 3.2, supporting themes as gems.
  • Automatically requires the Electric Book Classic Theme gem.
  • Faster epub creation (file structure now matches Sigil conventions).
  • Each book can have its own custom Sass/CSS.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Major change (and improvement) to metadata structures
  • Output formats now consistently named print-pdf, screen-pdf, epub and web
  • Fixes to mac-pdf.command script
  • Minor edits


  • Add Gemfile and require bundler for scripts to work (NB since Jekyll 3.2.1)
  • Fix -fitting classes style inheritance in web and epub CSS
  • Minor improvements


  • Fix broken pink to print stylesheets.
  • Fix broken links in @font-face partials.
  • Add more font includes.
  • Turn on kramdown auto_id_stripping to keep IDs neat and persistent, and ahead of 2.0 where this will be default.
  • Fix line-height on chapter-numbers to retain baseline grid.


  • Improve navigation layout.
  • Simplify tag for embedding YouTube video.
  • Add ability to combine .smallcaps/.allsmallcaps with .bold and .italic for italic/bold small caps.
  • Add web.scss variables for media-query break points.
  • Fix bug causing horizontal overflow.


  • Bug-fix broken links in new nav include.
  • Improve template index page.
  • Make default web typography paras space-between (not text indent).


  • Move series template out into its own repo for easier forking/copying.
  • Move themes into _themes folder (better theme management, and in line with likely forthcoming Jekyll theme structure).
  • Improve nav and footer elements to give themes more to work with, and allow for fuller web output chapter menus.
  • Change print-list to file-list and auto-generate from file lists per product in meta.yml.
  • Create win-epub.bat to speed up EPUB creation.
  • Improve Windows batch files for output to print PDF and PDF ebook
  • Add CSS options for pure black in addition to rich black, and a $start-depth variable to keep chapter openers consistent more easily.
  • Add template folders and minimal guidance for using Javascript.
  • Update and improve Guide text in many places, mainly where it was out of date.
  • Various minor improvements.


  • Move all metadata out of _config.yml, into _data (no more setting up the slug)
  • Support <hr> as text divider (*** in markdown)
  • Minor improvements to code comments
  • Minor improvement to layout of reference indexes
  • Fix for blank baseurl in win-web.bat launcher
  • Minor text edits


  • Improve Windows batch script for PDF
  • Add a Linux shell script for PDF
  • Add Windows web batch script


  • Experimental Windows batch file for PDF output
  • Better image-set system using site variable
  • Improved figure styling
  • New control over image heights in figures to retain baseline grid
  • Print-hiding for Sigil split markers
  • Allow Prince hyphenation when no special dictionary is defined
  • Fixed styling of .title-page-publisher
  • Related documentation in Guide


  • Add .title-page-publisher
  • Liquid tags can populate whole title page and copyright page from _data